I Love What Pole Fitness Has Done for My Body and Spirit!

Annette Artman

It’s still so hard for me to believe that the photo you just clicked on is really ME!! I have been doing pole fitness for about 18 months now, and of course, one of the biggest noticeable changes is my physical shape and level of fitness. Within the first 10 months, I had lost 40 lbs and over 20 inches!! I have also gained flexibility that I would have never imagined. Before starting pole fitness, I couldn't even touch my toes! And now I am closing in on splits and doing some crazy backbends. Yes, splits!! I had gym experience in the past, but nothing has given me the definition, strength, flexibility, and MOTIVATION that I have now. With actual, tangible results that I can see every time I go to class!

It took me quite some time to build up the confidence to finally go in and take my first class. I kept saying "let me just lose 10 lbs and then I'll go". Well, I finally built up the confidence, took my first Intro to Pole Workshop with Collette Kakuk at OC Pole Fitness in California, and was instantly hooked - and inspired. Now that I know how kind and supportive the whole culture is, I can laugh at my notion that I thought I had to lose weight before I came in. Collette even mentioned this in that INTRO to Pole Workshop I took with her – she said something like, “Pole is for everyone. Don’t let that little voice tell you you’re NOT...that you’re too old, not strong enough, not flexible enough, not sexy enough...or even more silly, that you need to lose weight before you start our program. Hey! That’s my job! To get you stronger, more flexible, and sexier...and weight doesn’t drop instantaneously....we want you happy with your body TODAY, and as you keep coming, the bad weight will leave you....and it will leave in a healthy manner, fast enough, with only the good stuff left...you’ll see! Just come in and do your best.”

Well, I became obsessed and did exactly what she said... the best I could and I kept going! They were running this great program called A Pole New You where you can take UNLIMITED classes and I took around 7-10 classes per week over 4 or 5 days a week between pole, boot camp, flexibility, aerial yoga and Zumba (and they have many more classes, including BARRE!). I could see my body literally transforming right before my eyes week after week. I lived nearly 40 miles away, but wouldn’t trade coming to the studio and the change in my life for anything. My abilities and confidence grew day after day! And the great thing about their program is that I’m not just trying to do one more rep...I’m actually learning totally new maneuvers and concepts, getting my body to execute a variety of different movements (ha ha “tricks”) and, now the best thing is I have never been more confident and comfortable with my body and it's only getting better! I have even now competed and placed in 2 competitions!! WOAH! I am getting married next year and can't wait to show off these new muscles!

So, back to that picture...physical change is obvious, right!? I think about my journey and how I feel TODAY, and it’s hard to imagine my life without pole and aerial!


Annette, California