Hollywood Spin With Foot Key

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Martini Variation
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Tissu / Silks
Pole Spins

Enjoy this video from Jimena Barrios! The Hollywood Spin is a move continuing in the progression of movements originating from the Dip, Fireman and Stag Spin due to the inside planted foot, high inside arm and forward rotation.  This spin has a different body posture, but is also slightly different in that the inside planted foot is the first (and only) foot to make contact with the pole, while the outside leg is extended sideways.  This move can be performed with a variety of hand grips and the video example we show is spinning while in a foot key. Watch as the Hollywood Spin is not only executed while in a Footkey, but  the Hand instead of grasping the pole, grasps the Fabric for grip and balance.  As the demonstrator closes this spin, notice how the leg that was previously outward and extended in Hollywood Fashion comes directly in front of the body, but still extended.  This closing variation is a move called the Martini (where the extended leg represents a stick in a martini glass, and the body is the glass).

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