Upright Rainbow Variation

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We love the incredible line and showcasing of flexibility in the back that World Champion Anastasia Skukhtorova showcases in this terrific video tutorial. If your hip flexor and back are not flexible enough, practice this move little by little on both sides of your body with as much flexibility as you can gently muster ... it will improve over time! Enjoy learning this move from one of the world's most elite and beautiful pole artists.

Safety Note:
As with all video tutorials on this site, be sure to have a qualified spotter monitor all inversions.  Also be sure that your back is properly trained and warmed up before attempting this move. Do NOT jerk or snap into movements. ALWAYS execute with full and gentle body control. Also, be sure to proactice this move on both sides due to the disproportionate one-sided twisting and weight leveraging this move requires.

Key Grip Points: 

- Strong Arm Hold
- Inside Thigh

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