Strength & Tricks for Everyone - Inversions

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This curriculum is all about inversions and covers material appropriate for Beginning to Advanced students. Proper form, stylization, and finding new clean ways to invert are core techniques that every pole dancer should master, and from which many more advanced pole moves are built. In this week’s class, we will review the basics of teaching inversions for Beginners, to incorporating leg variations, inverts from a climb, and invert technique on spin pole for Intermediate students, to entering inverts through dynamic spins and working on innovative and cardio-intensive climbs involving inverts for the Advanced students. has a plethora of tutorials focusing on the how’s of invert preparation and execution, as well as offering fun flying variations for all levels. This is a course that can be revisited often, as there are countless creative ways to get upside down! Check for new tutorials involving invert techniques that will be posted regularly.


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