Spatchcock Preparation (from the floor)

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This tutorial is an excellent tool for beginning to learn Felix's signature move called the Spatchcock. She named it as such for the way a chicken is prepared for roasting or grilling when it is butterflied with the backbone removed. Felix practiced this move for YEARS before mastering it.  This move requires extreme flexibility and Felix shows you how to begin preparing to get into this amazing position from the safety of the floor.  Want to see more of Felix, Jenyne, Anastasia, Oona, Marlo and the rest of our team? Membership gives you UNLIMITED ACCESS to OVER 800 lessons!  24/7 at your fingertips.  Whenever and how often you want!

SAFETY NOTES: ​Make sure you are properly warmed up and have mastered all prerequisite video lessons, including Splits, before attempting this move. Do not jump or jerk. Only release your hands if you feel absolutely secure.

Key Grip Points: 
  • Behind the Back
  • Behind the Ankles
  • Hands (as needed)

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pzikrove's picture

LOVE!  Thank you.  I first tried this in the air - and while I managed to get into it - I swore profusely afterwards!  Time to prep non-stop now!  Thank you for this and this site!

CrazyToons's picture

Damn it I have a hamstring injury but I feel like I'm so close! this is going to be such a fun one when I am finally ready!

Collette Kakuk's picture

Woo hoo!!!  So much Spatchcock love!!

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