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Poses & Moves

Learn a move Felix made famous - The Spatchcock. This is a move requiring extreme flexibility and is best practiced once your body is very warm.  Be sure to have mastered the Spatchcock from the Floor video first as Felix instructs.

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SAFETY NOTES: Make sure you are properly warmed up and have mastered all prerequisite video lessons, including Inside Leg Hang, Handspring, and Spatchcock Preparation before attempting this move. Do NOT jump or jerk. Only release your hands if you feel absolutely secure.

Key Grip Points: 
  • Behind the Back
  • Behind the Ankles
  • Hands (as needed)
  • All secondary move grips as required & mastered in previous lessons

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Paperdoll29's picture

When I don't wear heels my top ankle slides of! Wy wou,d this be? I have the flexibility to do this I think?

FELIX's picture

Hmm... Hi Paperdoll29 :)  You can do it in your heels fine?  You may just need a grip aide?  or perhaps you are not pulling your chest through?  Can you provide a photo or a video? :)

fandrade's picture

I really can't understand me... I have enough flexibility for it, but i just can't do it. I have my neck on the pole but it seems impossible for me to pass my shoulders... You do it perfectly... Congrats, i will keep trying... XOXO

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