Shoulder Mount

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"The Shoulder Mount is a milestone move in Pole Dancing. Oona shows you how World Champion style in this terrific video.

SAFETY NOTES: Be sure you have "

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Fatal Era's picture

Okay.. I have no business doing this mount - but it will not stop me from trying. *Because it hasn't - and I got half way there... So why stop trying now..?* I practiced from a standing position first (figures) and I was able to lift myself up and *almost* bring my knees to my chest. I watched this video as well as Felix's and I think I watched both of them from the floor first (I know I watched Felix's lesson from the floor) - I noticed you both stressing about the collar bone  - so I think the reason I try it from standing to start is because it enables me to sink down better and find the meaty part of my shoulder - so I can get used to where I position the pole in order to avoid that collar bone. I think I found it now - and I like watching the way Oona does it from the floor - because since I'm unable to flip up so easily - I'm thinking I need to strengthen my core more. My arms too - but to a lesser extent (for this I mean...) My arms are strong - they still need to get stronger - but I like the way Oona does reps from the floor. Like the way a non-pole person would do sit ups. Now that I'm comfortable with where to position the pole I think I'm ready for reps. I'll probably give this another watch or 2... (Or 3.. lol) But I'd love to know how to rate lessons...? Because ever since I've commented on lessons I've been wanting to give them 5 stars! I don't comment on lessons unless they've helped me in a huge way.  :-) 

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