Liquid Motion Freestyle Tips

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Jeni Janover, founder and creator of the internationally recognized dance company, Liquid Motion, shares her essential tips for creating liquid, fluid motion to your freestyle routines. Jeni's approach is all about intuitive movement, dance and expression, and she offers some excellent tips for how you can work and develop your own fluidity - Liquid Motion style. Enjoy this overview, and with membership, enjoy four more detailed videos Jeni created exclusively for you here at along with HUNDREDS of additional videos by our all star international cast, including Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Marlo Fisken and more.


PolesAndPiercings's picture

I love this concept. I focus so much on learning new moves but sometimes its just better to feel the music and go with the flow. 

TabbyKat's picture

I always think too much. Sometime I'm just walking in a circle cause I'm thinking.

galgery's picture

love this

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