JOY of DANCE - Felix Cane No LIFT, No Invert Routine

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This no lift, no invert routine by twice crowned World Champion, Felix Cane, brought the entire filming crew and our founder, pole pioneer and Felix's manager, Collette Kakuk, to tears.  In it's simplicity, this dance represents the profound love Felix has for the art and sport that almost took her life. More than one year prior, Felix had a near death accident while working for Cirque Du Soleil, in which she was flung through the air more than 20 feet onto a hard arena concrete floor rendering her unconscious - and smashing and breaking seven bones in her face, breaking her wrist, and suffering numerous additional injuries.  This short routine is one of her very first on film following her recovery.  We are so very lucky and blessed to have this goddess of pole dance healthy and back to inspire us.  Enjoy this beautiful video.


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TabbyKat's picture

Wow very calm and relaxing. Sometimes you are in such a rush to get to the new move that you don't slow it down and enjoy it. Felix how I've missed you!

Fatal Era's picture

Felix! You are amazing and inspire so many people to want to pole. I'm grateful that you're back and have recovered. Think you should take world again.. Just because you can - and after all that - "Triple World Champ" has such a nice ring to it don't ya think..? ;-) (no pressure)  Someday I hope I get to work with you. Respect always  <3

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