Encouragement - I Had Zero Experience!

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World Champion from Moscow, Russia, Anastasia Skukhtorova, discusses how she had no fitness background before becoming involved in pole dancing and how she perservered to keep practicing and training to make all things possible through hard work, patience and belief in yourself.

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noemi's picture

Title and video do not match... 

TabbyKat's picture

That is inspiring. I've been doing this on and off for 3 years and I wish I was better than I am.  It took like 3 months before my body could comprehend and my limbs would talk to each other when it came to climbing. I wish I had my hand spring because it opens the doors to so many really cool workshops and tricks and combos. Bit I'll keep working.

noemi's picture

What an encouragement note! I am closer to understand that it is only oneself who holds you back from success. 

Thank you, Anastasia!

CrazyToons's picture

Anastasia I love you but I heard about an interview where you talked about your ballet experience and how your parents had to adjust to you switching from ballet to pole. so you did not have zero experience. 

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