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Poses & Moves

US Pole Dance Champion, Cirque Du Soleil star and elite artist, Jenyne Butterfly, gives a terrific tutorial as she explains a variety of ways to execute the Cupid, including a beginner version from the floor, and then more advanced versions from a side climb and outside leg hang with full hand releases.

​SAFETY NOTES:  Jenyne demonstrates and instructs a variation of this move from a standing on the floor position that is applicable to students at all levels. However, be sure you have mastered the Side Climb and Outside Leg Hang video tutorials before attempting the additional variations she demonstrates in this tutorial. 

Key Grip Points: 
  • Arch of Foot
  • Back of Knee (squeeze)
  • Hands (as needed)
  • ​All secondary move grips as required & mastered in previous lessons

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Majay's picture

Thank you for this website & sharing all the steps in a clear manner. We love you guys :)

inghipostai's picture

Wow !! Really helpfull !! Thank you :)

JoanJett's picture

Thanks for the tips!'s picture

Wonderful!  We are so happy you are happy :)

Felissita's picture

My bottom feet slip away from the pole, so I can't release my hands. Any tips?

DownUnderDiamonds's picture

Hi Felissita,

Sounds like you aren't using your legs to their full potential. I had this problem when I first learnt Cupid, just couldn't get my head around what my instructor was telling me.  Then I experimented on my own and found I was trying to "hang" on my top knee, which was driving my body weight down and my bottom foot would just slide down the pole.

Think of it as a push-pull hold - top knee = pull - bottom foot = push.

Your top knee is to keep your body from falling out and away from the pole (to avoid face planting!). Your bottom foot should be pushing into the ground, towards the base of the pole, to give you traction to lean away and send your weight out.

Try and experiment with this from the ground (like Jenyne does in the video) with this in mind.  I found that having a better knowledge of the technical elements and dynamics of a pose/pole trick makes it easier to be mindful of what you have to concentrate on or what you are doing wrong.

If you are still sliding, try some Grip Aid, and make sure you and the pole are properly warmed up.

I am hoping the administrators read this as I would love to see the instructors have these kinds of details in their lesson videos - if only to prevent injury and help all students reach their full potential! :)

Good luck!

Holly Rose's picture

she is SO graceful!'s picture

Great tips DownUnderDiamonds!

Felissita's picture

Thank you for your tips DownUnderDiamonds!

Susan_Clay's picture

*-* in my pole dancing classes I'm learning to do that!! I'll do it soon <3

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