Benefits of Pole Dance Fitness

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I think this should be included in the Free Lessons section. It's something all newbies want to know (even if they've already ready about the benefits) and I think Felix puts it very eloquently. I think you would probably inspire more people to sign up, if they could view this beforehand. :)'s picture

Good idea :)  Thank you!

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Love you Felix!!!!:)

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I loved to have found this site! I'm huge fan of Felix Cane and Jenyne. Here in Manaus there are only two academies that teach Pole and are very expensive, which is why I bought a Pole to train at home watching youtube tutorials. Now I have more option this video lesson and renowned professionals.
Thanks for you there.

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You guys are amazing ! I am so stoked to have stumbled upon this website. Jenyne you are a total genius, on so many levels :)

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