Tuck Knee Mount & Double Knee Hang

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Hoop / Lyra
Climbs & Mounts

The Tuck Knee Mount is a terrific basic method for mounting the hoop - and PoleAndAerial.com lead aerialist and Cirque Du Soleil performer, Brandon Pereyda, delivers an expertly detailed video tutorial to show you exactly how. Engage your abs, shoulders and lats for this terrific move. If pulling your body onto the hoop is difficult, consider lowering your hoop so you can directly sit on it and practice the seated pose lessons on this site as you continue to build core strength. You'll find Brandon's instruction reassuring and expertly detailed as you continue to build strength and advance into this and more difficult moves.  

Interested in purchasing an aerial hoop? Email us at info@poleandaerial.com for details. 


  • Be sure to have a firm grip on your Lyra/Hoop. Do NOT jump or jerk onto your Lyra/Hoop.  
  • Only release your hands if you feel absolutely secure.
  • As with all inversion lessons on this site, be sure to have a qualified spotter supervise all inversions until you absolutely master this move.
Key Grip Points: 
  • Behind the Knees
  • Hands (as needed)

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Can't wait to try my first class!

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Can't wait to try my first class!

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YAYYYY!!!!   :)  Happy to have you Handis!

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