Reverse Caterpillar

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Poses & Moves

American Pole Fitness Champion, Marlo Fisken, demonstrates how to do the reverse caterpillar on the floor this detailed tutorial.  The Reverse Caterpillar is a great way to engage your core and upper body while adding a fun, playful dimension to your floorwork.  As you master this move, add different speed and height dynamics and have fun linking it to many other floorwork lessons found on this site.

Key Grip Points: 
  • Knees (Squeeze)
  • Hands
  • Back of Calf
  • Front of Foot

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vickiezoo's picture

Love this, I usually do the same movement but forwards, i think forwards is a little more difficult.

JoanJett's picture

the tip about the position of the hands was helpful!! thanks Marlo! =D's picture

Yyyyaaaayyyy Marlo ♥.  Thanks for your comments ladies...helps us to know what you love as the artists continue to develop more and more material.  xoxo

ReeRee11's picture

Video is not playing :-('s picture

Hi ReeRee11 :)  I don't seem to be having the same problem however I went in and re-linked the video so please clear your browser cache and let us know if you can view :)  Thank you.

Emma's picture

Love this!!!


jblack3277's picture

I'm having problems viewing most of the videos's picture

Hi jblack3277 :)  we are sorry to hear you are having trouble with viewing videos and have sent you an email to address the situation.  Thank you for letting us know so we can help :)

aerial angel5's picture

amazing !! this move looks so much smoother now i have learned this way to do it  thank you Marlo :)

Kamikaze's picture

I would love to sign up for the lessons but am unable to view them. They do not buffer and I get stuck with a loading circle on a black screen  :-(

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