Rainbow Marchenko Back and Leg Flexibility Preparation

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World Champion Anastasia Skukhtorova is well known for her extraordinary back flexibility and (among other things) what is perhaps the most shared photo in pole dancing EVER - a photo of her signature move, the Rainbow Marchenko. Enjoy this terrific video demonstrating how to begin training your body to get into this amazing pose.  Although the Rainbow Marchenko is an "Extreme" move in our classification system, training for this move can begin much earlier at the Intermediate level, which is where we have classified this preparatory video.

Safety Note:
It is normal to feel discomfort when doing this exercise, but you should NOT experience any pain associated with this exercise. Only undertake assertive stretching or exercise under the supervision of a physician and stop immediately if you experience any pain.  It is important that you always round your back following arching exercises as Anastasia demonstrates with the forward bends at the end of this tutorial.

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