Sergia Louise Anderson - USA


Sergia comes from a background in Contemporary, Latin dance, Performance, and Theatre Arts. She last competed as a salsa dancer in the ESPN World Salsa Championships and holds a Theatre Degree from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU.  When she discovered pole, it quickly became her passion and she opened her dance studio, The Vertitude in Los Angeles in 2011. She began her competitive pole dance career in 2012 by taking two Championship titles, and has continued to place top 3 in every competition she has entered.  She has a passion for movement and works very closely with her students and peers on choreography for performance and competition pieces all over the world.  She began her choreography career as a 4 year old child, putting on shows for her family.  Her choreography has been set on The Interweave Dance Theater in Boulder, Colorado, Theatre students in musicals at NYU, her jazz and contemporary students, and now is making it's way into the pole world with her winning pole competition pieces, and her dynamic group pieces.  Be sure to catch one of Sergia's signature "Commanding a Stage", "Quality of Movement", or "Choreo Feedback"  workshops during her US and world tours.


2013 IPDFA Choreographer of the Year Nominee
2013 National Aerial Pole Art, Runner-Up
2013 International  Pole Championship Semi-Finalist
2013 International Pole Championship Doubles Semi-Finalist
2012 USPDF Amateur Champion
2012 Pacific Pole Champion
2012 International Pole Masters Doubles, Runner-Up
2012 California Pole Dance Championship, 3rd Place
2012 California Pole Dance Championship "Most Flexible"
2008 ESPN World Salsa Champion Finalist