Marlo Fisken

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Marlo, the 2010 American Pole Fitness Champion, and 2011 Aerial Pole International Champion, has 23 years of dance training, and is a Wilhelmina Fitness model. Her credits include commercials for Nike, L'oreal, and Sobe Adreniline Rush. She has performed with artists such as Diddy, Nelly, Pharell, Kid Rock, Wyclef Jean and Fabulous on MTV and VH1. For the past 10 years, Marlo has been leading group exercise classes for major health clubs and presenting at fitness conventions such as IDEA, The South Beach International Festival, and Festival de Fitness in Rome. She is certified many times over (ACE, AFAA, AAAI, NSCA, KANE) and has extensive knowledge of alignment, anatomy, strength and flexibility training.

Marlo started pole dancing about five years ago out of curiosity, and developed a style that draws from contemporary dance, yoga, hip-hop, dancehall, and acrobatics. Her pole skills have taken her around the world, and landed her a full page spread in The New York Times, appearances on America's Got Talent, Law&Order, 30 Rock, and and role in the feature film "Rock of Ages" starring Tom Cruise, choreographed by Mia Michaels.

When she is not performing or teaching internationally, Marlo trains and lives in New York City. She teaches at Body&Pole, contributes to Self, Vertical, and Fitness magazines and is a Master Trainer for the X-pole X-pert certification program

  • American Pole Fitness Champion 2010
  • Pilates-certified by the Kane School of Core Integration
  • Professional Dancer including credits with Nike, BMG Latin artists, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent