Mai Sato

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Twice crowned International Ultimate Pole Champion and Cirque Du Soleil artist, Mai Sato, ignited ignited her passion for dance at a young age while training in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. Having an extensive dance background made for a smooth transition into pole dance fitness which then led to Mai becoming a Dance Instructor for Pole Dance Tokyo in 2008. By the end of 2008 Mai was teaching, competing and performing. In 2009 she was the Ultimate Pole Champion at the International Pole Dance Fitness Championship and she repeated her title in 2010. Since then Mai has received much media coverage and has been featured in magazines such as Pole Spin, newspapers such as Hong Kong Daily News and various Japanese television shows. Mai Sato is a most impressive performer and has showcased her aerial talents as the first Japanese aerialist in Cirque du Soleil’s “ZED” as well as more recently in Cirque du Soleil’s “ZAIA”. Going hand and hand with her skill as a performer and her adeptness as an instructor, Mai has a technical eye built for judging and has been requested at many events including The National Aerial Pole Art Championship. Mai is an inspiration in precision, strength and grace.

  • International Pole Dance Fitness Championship Ultimate Pole Champion 2009 and 2010
  • Cirque Du Soleil Artist – ZED
  • Cirque Du Soleil Artist – ZAIA