Lorna Thomas - UK


Lorna started pole dancing with no previous experience in dance or gymnastics. She had always been a bit of a 'tom boy' whilst growing up and one day decided to take a pole dancing lesson thinking it might help her to be a little more feminine. After going to the class to make her be a little more girly she found that pole then consumed her life! Lorna realized she had a passion for dance and acrobatics.

After a year of pole she decided to open up her own school - Pole Athletes. Lorna has been teaching for the last 5 years and feels that her passion in life is to share her passion of pole. In 2013 Lorna decided to enter her second ever competition which was Miss Pole Dance UK 2013 and she WON first place!

After going on stage with a broken toe, Lorna is a believer that dreams can happen if you work for them.
Lorna is excited to share her dream and passion with people across the world.  Welcome Lorna to the PoleandAerial.com team!