Erika Labansat

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Celebrated feature performer with a keen eye for the technical, Erika Labansat, has a full background of dance training starting at the young age of three years old. Erika offers a unique style and professional training which extends from modern dance, jazz, tap, belly dance, and classical ballet. Erika’s rich dance education includes learning from the National Institute of the Beauty Arts in Mexico, Alicia Alonso Academy in Cuba, The Royal Academy of Dance in London and OC Pole Fitness in California. In addition to her formal dance training and education, Erika also earned an Associates Degree in Advertising Design, Bachelors Degree of Law, and Masters Degree in Civil Law.

Erika is a competitor, a judge, a performer and an instructor. She has competed in events such as the California Pole Dance Championship, she has judged pole competitions such as Pole Fitness Jalisco 2012 in Mexico and has been a featured performer in several large-scale events; including showcases with World Champion Felix Cane and solo performances in the International Pole Performer’s Showcase on the historic Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA. Erika has also worked with Felix Cane on the fun and convenient instructional iTunes application, Pocket Pole.

Erika is a Certified Master Pole Fitness Instructor as well as a Master Certification Instructor in both English AND Spanish and has traveled the world sharing her enthusiasm and technical expertise. Known for her flexibility, style and grace, Erika puts her students at ease with her supportive, respectful style of teaching. Erika works closely with her students to build up their strength and cultivate their style to maneuver around the pole and floor with power, fluidity and confidence. Erika is also an expert on the Lyra (aerial hoop) and the Tissu (aerial silks) giving her a well-rounded approach to dealing with physicality. "Pole Dance for Fitness is an empowering form of self-expression and physical fitness that can be participated in by women of every age, shape or size. My goal is to create a safe, non-judgmental and fun environment where women feel sexy and alive in their bodies and in their lives." Erika will be leading’s Spanish instruction!

  • International Pole Performer Showcase
  • iTunes Pocket Pole application PFA Expert
  • Master Trainer, OC Pole Fitness Instructor Certification Program
  • lead Spanish language Instructor