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Learn more about Caterina Gennaro, the co-founder and co-creator of Pole Flight Instructor Certification with over 100 video tutorials and full pictoral manual and professional Pole Equipment to attach to your pole here.  

CATERINA GENNARO:   One of the true pioneers of modern pole dance fitness, Caterina Gennaro helped introduce the world to this burgeoning sport in 2006 when she opened Poleates, a dedicated pole dancing studio in Westlake Village California.  As a former competitive gymnast, Gennaro trained first with Shelia Kelly at the S factor in Hollywood, Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Australia, The Pole Studio with Fawnia in Vegas, among other studios quickly developing her own style and out-distancing her instructors with her incredible strength, grace and muscle control.

At Poleates, Gennaro has trained over 800 women, from housewives to professional athletes.  As an instructor, Cat has been featured in dozens of articles world-wide, educating and selling pole dance fitness as a way for women to tap into their inner-“sexiness”, increase their confidence and body-image, and get into the best shape of their lives.  At 40, and mother of 7-year old twins, Cat has the toned, athletic body of a 20 year old, a walking advertisement for the benefits of pole dancing.

Always the competitor, Cat has appeared in numerous National and International pole fitness competitions in New York, Las Vegas, London, Holland, Brazil and Los Angeles, winning the National title of Miss Spinster at the USPDF US Championships.  Now retired from competition, Cat still performs and does workshops worldwide, recently completing a European Tour, and now on her 4th International Tour for the combination of pole plus fabric – Gennaro first called this Pole Aria and now has upgraded teaching methodology and equipment after partnering with to what is newly referred to as Pole Flight.  Currently, she is ranked in the world’s top 20 pole dancing performers. Her Poleates training has been recognized as one of the top in the world according to over 1300 studios that voted in this year’s “The Best Of Issue” Pole Dance International.

Drawn to the pole as a fun, “sexy” way to get back in shape after the birth of her twins,
Cat pioneered pole dancing much the same way she’s pioneered “shark diving” as a Discovery Channel television personality.  Cat’s award-winning underwater photography is recognized worldwide, and her daring dives with great whites, tigers and mako sharks outside of a cage were firsts for the female gender. Cat was inaugurated into the “Women’s Hall of Fame” for her Underwater credential, achievements, film and photography work, and her efforts in bringing awareness to the ocean environment.

Cat is equally fearless on the pole and her passion for pole dancing is contagious among her students, self-described, “pole-addicts”.  Cat not only teaches beginning moves, flexibility and strength training, but her classes encourage women and men to be inspired. The Instructors and/or Performers that work with Cat gain technique and proper mechanics of the sport to share and educate other students. Also those who use and Pole Flight as an alternative fitness regime to get in shape see results and progress rapidly in their pole fitness program. Many, from around the globe travel thousand of miles to train with Cat and many have gone on to great achievements and even opened their own studios. Also, many keep training with Cat via on-line or book weekly sessions every other month with Cat traveling to them.

Cat has been featured in the LA Times, Self magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Your Health Connection, Fitness Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The London Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Ventura County Star, Pole2Pole Magazine, Pole Spin Magazine,, International Pole Fitness Magazine, also featured in many  International News segments  Internationally. Cat and has graced over 8 covers in the Pole Sport and Fitness magazines. Cat is also the North American representative for PFA and continually   setting the standards for the rules of conduct, safety codes, and ethical conduct within the sport, and with her artistic nature in Pole/Aerial Fitness she has judged over 10 National and International Competitions.

Cat has a knack for promoting “pole” to women and men from all walks of life.  All ages, all sizes and all levels of aptitude are welcome.  Normally, it takes only one of Cat’s high-energy classes to get the girls pole-addicted for life. Her style of teaching is very detailed and focuses on the mechanics and technique to properly conduct the exercises safely.

To reach even more future members, Cat along with, has developed an on-line training course to really bring her concept of Pole and Aerial Fabric together to create a unique innovative and alternative approach to the Pole/Aerial Fitness forum.  Cat is uniquely qualified, trained and well versed in all aspects of Pole dancing, Pilates, and Aerial Arts to bring this alternative fitness work-out to all that want to reach their fitness goals, and experience a new innovative way to stay in shape and have fun!  See everything we have to offer with CATERINA GENNARO under the POLE FLIGHT tab above.