Instructor Certification - Live Training

Would You Like LIVE training support? 

Our Pole Dance Instructor Certification program can be fully completed independently online. However, if you are looking for more support or wish to complete the program faster, we are pleased to offer several options: 

1) IN STUDIO With One of Our Master instructors

  • Hands on training with our Master Instructors in a group setting
  • 16 hours over two days for Levels 1-2, 8 hours each additional level
  • Receive your Certificate after passing written and practical exams
  • Trainings held all over the world
  • Access all training materials immediately upon purchase
  • Studios, please email for more information

2) STAY & CERTIFY Program with Collette Kakuk

Train with industry pioneer and Founder Collette Kakuk in this terrific program located in Southern California, which provides free lodging (room/bath):

  • 16 hours of training with Collette over 2.5 days, including book study (non-physical) and physical time on the pole.
  • Up to 3 nights of comfortable guest room accommodations in Collette's home
  • Light snacks; WiFi provided
  • Open practice time on 12' high, 45mm pole with large mirrors to review form
  • Gift Pack: grip, tank top, other goodies
  • Testing (written and practical) with Framed certificate from Jenyne, Felix, Anastasia and upon satisfactory completion
  • Learn more here:

Contact us at for more information.

3) Email/Phone Support

In addition to business consulting services for our industry, we also offer guided phone or Skype support at the rate of $125 per hour.  Email for more information.



Invite to come to your studio or facility.

  • We travel anywhere in the world.
  • There must be a minimum of 6 participants in the US; 8 outside the US.  We will help you promote the certification course, but need your active involvement and promotion in your region to meet the minimums.
  • The hosting studio or facility receives one free certification after the minimum threshold for the number of participants is met.
  • Our instructors are also happy to schedule additional immersion workshops during their visits, including floorwork, routines, handspring and other immersion courses.

COMPLETE THIS FORM to inquire about scheduling a LIVE training at your studio