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Get that Perfect Pointe - Professional Stretcher

Achieve a Perfect Pointe for the maximum in long, lean, finished lines with's Professional Stretcher. Stretches the foot, ankle and calf.  Perfect for pole dancing, ballet, gymnastics, ice skating, and more.

  • Stretching takes only minutes
  • Improve foot pointe and turn out
  • Custom designed incline molded into the base
  • Room for the heel to rotate down avoiding impingement
  • Covered with thick memory foam for comfort
  • Velcro adjustable straps to secure any size foot
  • Comes in 4 styles: Black, Red Passion, Purple Highness AND Cats :)
  • 24 inches (61 cm) long; 2 lbs (0.9 kg)

Recommended and endorsed by World Champion Pole Artist, Anastasia Skukhtorova "A move is never complete without a finished line."

Download Instructional PDF File Here

This stretcher for achieving the Perfect Pointe was originally developed for Pointe Ballet Dancers with extensive design consultation from two renowned professional Ballet Instructors and a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Dance and Sports Injury. Serious dancers and athletes will spend thousands of dollars each year on pointe ballet shoes, lessons, coaching and equipment to improve technique. Enjoy the tremendous value of Perfect Pointe - simply the best Foot and Upper Arch Stretcher available anywhere. Note: Your order includes one (1) stretcher however, you may order two (2) by selecting "2" under quantity below. Each stretcher comes beautifully embroidered with the logo.  (Cats and Dogs patterns without logo)

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