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iTAC2 for Pole Dancing Regular & Extra Strength

iTAC2 Pole Dance Grip in Regular Strenght(used to be Level 2) or Extra Strength(used to be Level 4) Grip Total Absolute Control for Pole Dancing. It works like an invisible glove turning every square cm of your hands into a gripping surface. Imagine being able to grip a surface like a green tree frog with its web hands and feet. To be able to grip with confidence, therefore delivering accuracy and conserving energy.

Itac2 can be applied to numerous sports including: Football, Golf, Tennis, Dragon Boating, Basketball, Rugby, Waterskiing, Rowing, Lawn Bowls, Soccer, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Poledancing, Badminton, Surfing, Athletics, Softball, Kayaking, Baseball, Canoing, Equestrian, Wind Surfing, Hockey and Lacrosse Don't tire your hands out just trying to hold on or gain control get your hands working to your advantage. Imagine if you could hang on to something with using much less effort but have so much more control.

How It Works: BestSportsGrip is Water repellent, long lasting, and easy to apply and starts working in a minute and only gets better as you play giving you Total Absolute Control. The way it works, for example, is instead of having to squeeze tight on your club to hold and control it with more surface area of your hand it changes the surface tension between your hand and your club, letting you relax your hands and be in total control. In some ways it is like your tires gripping the road but in a much smaller invisible grip. It provides a water repellent surface that changes your grip & direction with a positive response.

Health benefits: If you find it painful, frustrating or difficult closing your hand around or gripping a surface because of arthritis or injury or you are not able to squeeze to apply pressure, iTac2 will help you to apply less pressure to achieve better contact and a firmer grip.