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Twinkle High Neck Bodysuit - Anastasia Collection

This super rad bodysuit is perfect for any pole activity. It looks amazing while keeping all your bits covered - even after hours of wear!

"Wear it for glam play and practice or wear it for a showcase or competition.  We are delighted to feature the Anastasia Signature Apparel Collection by RAD Polewear. Anastasia wore this collection while filming over 100 video tutorials for and this apparel looked amazing from beginning to end. No gaps, no wrinkles, with a nice snug fit, but not binding. You'll love the quality of this collection."

NOTE: Currently available only in BLACK ... gorgeous!

Our most popular collection ever! 



Size Chart

  XS S M L
Bust 81.5cm 87.5cm 94cm 106.5cm
Waist 63.5cm 71cm 76cm 89cm
Low Hip 89cm 96.5cm 104cm 114.5cm
Thigh 52cm 57cm 61cm 66cm
Ankle 20.5cm 21.5cm 24cm 25.5cm


SKU: RAD_001