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Stainless Steel Aerial Hoop - Convertible Double Tab Option!

This is an exceptional value for STAINLESS STEEL HOOPS!  All hoops are single tab. Double tab conversion option only available for 39" hoops currently.

Do you wish to make your Aerial Hoop Single and Double Point Convertible? Yes! This innovation is now available exclusively with the new design, which allows you to easily interchange between single and double point with a very easy changeover. Double tabs are often preferred for more stability with beginning students or to allow different tricks. now makes it possible to achieve both functionalities in one single hoop! Easy interchange. It's like having two aerial hoops in one! Simply select the OPTIONAL Double Point Hoop Conversion Kit below.  

NOTE: Your hoop will be shipped Single Point unless you select the Double Point Conversion Kit option at the time you make your hoop purchase. We can add Double Point conversion option at a later time, but it would require you to ship your hoop back to us.

Hoops are 1" tubing and are available in 3 different sizes 35", 37", and 39" measured centerline to centerline. We sell all sizes about equally for studio use. We also provide the measurement outer edge to outer edge, which are 36", 38", and 40" in the product selections.  If you require a custom size, please inquire.

Additional details:

  • Hoop size is diameter measured centerline to centerline
  • Single to Double Point Convertible/Interchangeable with Purchase of Optional Conversion Kit
  • Strong powder-coated finish
  • Fully safety tested - please never trust your safety to untested equipment.

NOTE: Hoop rigging tab design for this purchase is a clean, modern loop as pictured in the last photo.

Need help with Rigging?

Recommended Rigging Downloadable PDF

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