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LARGE CUBE (30in/76cm) by


THE LARGE CUBE by is a must have for every pole and aerial enthusiast. Our proprietary, modular design allows you to dismantle the apparatus into separate pieces for easy transportation.  This purchase provides everything you need to assemble a LARGE CUBE.  

Fully designed and manufactured in the USA. THE CUBE includes several innovative features never before seen in the aerial community.  You will LOVE this high quality, versatile apparatus!  

Key Features:

1) Use on the Floor or in the Air

2) Transportable - dismantles/breaks apart for easy transport

3) High strength Aero-grade Aluminum and 1 1/4" Stainless steel

4) Load and Break Apart TESTED to over 2,000 lbs (907 Kilos)

5) Precision Manufactured Aerospace Quality

6) The CUBE comes in two possible sizes:

--- 20x20" Cube (50.8 centimeters all sides)
--- 30x30" Cube (76.2 centimeters all sides)

The tubes for each cube are interchangeable, so for those purchasing both cubes, you may interchange and combine tubes and change shapes and sizes for maximum training versatility.

Your cube comes fully ready to assemble with all pieces, hardware and tools you need for assembly.  

**NOTE THIS LISTING is for the LARGE CUBE (30 in / 76.2 cm cube)**  If you wish to purchase the 20 in / 50.8 cm cube, please select the LISTING within our store for the 20 in / 50.8 cm SMALL cube.

This is a specifically designed and specially manufactured piece of precision equipment. There is no other equipment with these features on the market. Lives literally hang in its balance and we do our precision manufacturing with ONE manufacturer who specializes in aerospace quality designs.  Most equipment we carry is IN STOCK and ships within 72 hours. However, if it is out of stock then lead time will depend on our manufacturer and ship time may extend 6 to 12 weeks.  Be sure to get your order in early for shipping by placing your order immediately.