Affiliate FAQs

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an internet based performance program where a business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer gained by the affiliate's marketing efforts. is the “merchant” or “brand” being represented and we provide the product, tools and network for you, the affiliate/publisher to promote our brand to potential customers.  The program is low risk for both the brand and the affiliate and it is the modern day version of a “finder’s fee” that pays for performance.

How Do​es It Work?
When you register to be an affiliate, you will receive your own Affiliate Page through a trusted 3rd party software affiliate program that will track all of the sales you help us generate. We keep cookies active for 30 days. That means if someone finds us because of your referral and they don’t buy that day, that’s ok! As long as they come back within 30 days to make their purchase, then the information is stored that you provided the referral and you get the credit!

We provide you with all the sales tools for you to copy eye-catching photos, graphics and codes for banner ads. Being a affiliate is like owning your own store, WITHOUT the investment of inventory, up front cash, liability and loads of hours to build your own store.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy. You can sign up here.

How much money can I make?
YOU Decide How Much Money You Will Make!:  Once you set up the easy to use links, you can do no more work at all and just let sales build organically from your site using our links - or you can treat our business like your own and be an active sales agent working to push and promote our products. Every customer you refer that results in a sale generates money for you.

Becoming familiar with services and products and letting your customers / site visitors know the products you recommend as they visit your site is the best way to generate sales. Get them in the position that that they are informed and ready to buy BEFORE they even click on your affiliate link.

What is the table of commission rates for all products?
The Affiliate Program commission rates (below) are currently set as follows. Commissions are paid on nearly every item in the store, but wholesale account or pole equipment sales are ineligible for commissions:

Product/Service Commission Rate
Video Lesson Memberships 15%
Felix Cane Apparel 15%
Oona K. Apparel 15%
Jenyne Butterfly Apparel 15%
Vertical Vixen Apparel 15% Apparel 15%
Tuf Skin, Firm Grip, other Grips 15%
Books/Posters/DVDs 15%
Pole Dance Jewlery 15%
Feathers & Wings 15%
Shoes 15%
* Wholesale Account and Pole Equipment NOT included


Will commission rates ever change?
Commission rates could change at any time for any reason in the sole determination by By becoming a member of our affiliate program, you expressly agree to this. However, be assured, that we are continuously adding more items to the STORE and our goal is to have a mutually beneficial partnership where not only and its affiliates succeed, but also where our customers receive tremendous quality and value. We supply the world class artists, brand, photos, graphic ads and terrific products and services, and you promote, represent and sell them to customers who need and value our offerings.  We are looking forward to creating winning formulas for all parties involved and will work toward providing a stable program and will not unnecessarily change commission rates.

When will orders post to my account?
Sales reporting from our affiliate system is near real-time where publishers/affiliates can view sales/orders that have been placed almost real-time. Please note that monthly payments can/will vary from publisher reporting due to cancelations, returns, and removal of fraudulent or ineligible orders.

Do you have different Affiliate levels?
Yes! We have two different affiliate levels.  Our Silver tier, which generously offers up to 15% commissions, and our Platinum tier, which requires you to recruit other affiliates and allows you to earn your own commissions and also thereby earn a percentage of the sales they generate, too!

If you are an affiliate that believes you can attract and recruit at least 30 other affiliates in your geographic region, then you may qualify for our PLATINUM level.

Will I earn commissions on qualifying orders placed through mobile phones and tablet devices?
Yes, pays commissions on qualifying orders placed through a mobile phone or tablet device as long as a customer went through an approved tracking link.

How are Payments Issued?
Payments are made each month your account accrues $100 or more in commissions. Commissions accrue and are carried over into the next month if you do not meet the $100 payout level.  Payments are made on or before the 15th of the following month. For example, commission payments for January are paid by February 15th at the latest.

  • For international customers, you must have a PayPal account. You can open a PayPal account for FREE if you do not already have one.

  • If runs sale prices or discounts, you will receive 15% of the sale or discounted price, so your commission amount may vary depending on current specials.
  • Commissions for memberships are paid on the initial purchase only of any discrete membership SKU. For example, if a customer purchases a 3 Day Pass and then purchases a 30 day membership as a result of direct referrals from your site, you will be paid on the initial purchase of both memberships.  Commissions are NOT paid on continuing monthly memberships beyond the initial purchase.  We therefore highly recommend affiliates strongly consider packaging, promoting and recommending our popular ONE YEAR PASS to not only increase commissions to affiliates, but to also deliver a favorable product often chosen by our customers.
  • rarely receives returns, but in the event that a product is returned, your account will be debited the commission for that return in the following month and your next payment will be adjusted accordingly.

Who can I contact with further questions?
Please e-mail us at

Would you like to carry our products in your brick and mortar business / studio?
Click here to email a request for wholesale pricing… NOTE: Wholesale referrals, because they are already steeply discounted, are NOT included in the affiliate commission program.

It Pays to Be an Affiliate!
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