Sexy, Flexy & Stylized - Flexibility 1

Natasha Wang


This curriculum focuses on the split. All of the moves taught in this plan have variations to accommodate students at all levels of flexibility.


Detailed Curriculum

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Warm Up Notes

Make sure that your students bodies are warm and their heart rates are up. Since this is a splits intensive class remember to do plenty of leg stretches like lunges, retreats, straddles, etc.

Core Moves Video Reference Numbers


  • EL_705: Splits Walk
  • MF_684: Step up To Straddle Split
  • MS_68: Opposition Split
  • EL_173: Flatline Jade Prep (Flatline Scorpio)
  • OK_934: Russian Split From Floor
Variation / Transition Notes

Students will be at all different levels of flexibility. Encourage students working toward a flat split to keep their hips square.

Tell students to alternate between their right split and their left split so that both splits get a good stretch

After students feel comfortable with the splits walk have them work toward speeding it up, adding hair flicks, and additional floor work to make it their own.

Allow Students to play with different leg variations especially those who do not have as much flexibility.

Class Delivery Options

Have students do a free style dance at the end of class incorporating some of the new moves they  learner in class. Since this was a very leg intensive class give your students a nice long cool down and focus on relaxed breathing.

Safety Notes / Pre-requisites

Some of these moves are very strenuous. Make sure that your students have been properly instructed on spotting each move.



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  • Always be sure the length, intensity and type of warm up is relative to the type of material you will be teaching.