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Take flight! Pole Flight is the beautiful, artistic movement combining Pole Dance and Aerial Tissu/Silks. If you love pole dance and you love the beauty of aerial arts, you will be completely swept away with Pole Flight!  

  • EQUIPMENT: The revolutionary Pole Flight Pro apparatus attaches and detaches directly to your pole in less than 60 seconds and allows the safe suspension of fabric, corde lisse, straps, chains, suspension training systems, and more. 
  • POLE FLIGHT VIDEO LESSONS ACCESS PASS: Learn Online At Your Own Pace! Gain Access for one year to over 50 videos instructed by Caterina Gennaro using the Pole Flight PRO Apparatus.
  • INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION: Learn to teach Pole Flight online or in person from Pole Aria and Pole Flight creator, Caterina Gennaro. Includes fully detailed manual with photos and nearly 100 step-by-step video tutorials!

View All Pole Flight Video Lessons Here

Pole Flight PRO Apparatus: starting at $185

You will love adding silks to your pole training with the Pole Flight Pro apparatus:

  • Fits all pole sizes: 38mm, 45mm, and 50mm

  • Attaches and detaches from your pole in 2 minutes or less (even faster with optional quick release pin!)

  • Works on Spinning and Stationary poles 

  • Exclusive hinged design limits unwanted side to side motion, keeping you ergonomically safer and relaying your artistic movements  as you intended

  • Attach silks, corde lisse (ropes), straps, chains, and more (Silks/Fabric available at PoleandAerial.com!)

  • Optional Rescue 8 has longer ears to hold long fabric and attaches directly to apparatus

  • All products are precision engineered and safety tested

  • Note: NOT recommended for stages or unsecured pressure mounted poles. Most pressure mounted poles have a ceiling bolt-securing option. Check with your manufacturer.


Wholesale Pricing Available : 20% OFF the purchase of 6 Pole Flight PRO brackets or more

Pole Flight Video Lessons Access Pass

Learn Online At Your Own Pace! Gain Access for one year to over 50 videos instructed by Caterina Gennaro using the Pole Flight PRO Apparatus.

  • Only 99$ for PoleandAerial.com members with a monthly or annual subscription
  • $199 for non-subscribers

Become a Certified Pole Flight Instructor!

Imagine a career doing what you love. Become a Pole Flight instructor! Learn on-line at your own pace with nearly 100 video tutorials by Pole Flight Founder, Caterina Gennaro and a detailed written manual that guides you step-by-step. Everything you need to learn to become a Pole Flight instructor is all available right here at your fingertips with PoleandAerial.com.  

  • Learn how to teach a broad range of Pole Flight skills to challenge your students and at the same time vigilantly protect their safety
  • Develop expert knowledge of terminology, spotting, and technical form of all movements 
  • Become knowledgeable of proper and safe learning progressions, muscular initiation and sequencing, injury prevention and more
  • Earn esteemed status as a “Certified Instructor” of Pole Flight from PoleandAerial.com
  • Learn Online thru Video Tutorials and Fully detailed Written Manual with Photos or Book a Course for Caterina Gennaro to come to your location

Group Discount: 

3 to 5 People:  $500 each

6 People or More:  $400 each

Contact us at info@poleandaerial.com to receive a group discount

Special Financing:  

60 Day Payment Plan Available

(3 payments) Product delivered once final payment is received.

Training Online is Easy:

1) PURCHASE the Pole Flight PRO apparatus and online training course. The apparatus generally ships within 48 hours and you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to the downloadable e-book manual and nearly 100 video tutorials.   You will print the manual from your home/studio and it will guide you step by step through the entire program.

2) STUDY: Study anywhere at anytime at your own pace, fully guided by the manual and videos.  You will have access to all training materials for a full year.  On average, the course will take you 20 to 30 hours, depending on your prior pole dance and/or aerial arts knowledge and ability to dedicate uninterrupted time for learning/training.

3) TAKE WRITTEN TEST: You must achieve 88% to pass. All material is directly taken from the study course manual and videos. The test may be retaken.

4) TAKE PRACTICAL TEST: Once you pass the written test, you will take a practical exam in which you will submit a short series of videos with select teaching tasks to demonstrate your knowledge to PoleandAerial.com.

5) RECEIVE CERTIFICATE/BECOME CERTIFIED:  Once you pass both exams, you will be a Certified Pole Flight Foundations Instructor and we will issue you an electronic certification in your name and add you to our online portfolio of certified instructors!

Course Syllabus and Testing

A partial course syllabus directly extracted from the Pole Flight Foundations Certification manual includes: 

  • Objectives

  • Proper Attire

  • Equipment

  • Fabric

  • Safety & Spotting

  • Injury Prevention

  • Anatomy and Training Methodology

  • Terminology

  • Learning Styles

  • 5 Most Common Mistakes

  • Body Positioning
  • Movement Principles

  • Warm Ups

  • Grips & Holds
  • Spins, Moves, Climbs, Inversions
  • Floor Play
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Conditioning Exercises

  • Class Formats/Curriculum

Love Pole Flight and want to learn more?  

Pole Flight Master Instructor Certification (Advanced) will be available Fall 2015. Must complete Pole Flight Foundations Instructor Certification first.

In-Person Certification

Would you like Caterina Gennaro or another certifying instructor to come to your location?  Email inquiries here: info@poleandaerial.com


Manual and program written to be in substantial form for ACE, AAFA and NASM requirements and will be submitted nad pending review by May of 2015.