BACK : Contortion Back Stretch (Prep for Eagle)

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Felix is often asked how to stretch for specific pole moves. This tutorial shows how she stretches to do her signature "Eagle" pose.

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cyndijon's picture

Great tips, thanks Felix!

Fatal Era's picture

Yes - thank you for this one Felix! This is another stretch that has helped my back (almost seemingly by accident!)    At first I couldn't do it much at all. The best I could do was try to grab that back leg and not fall over. Now I can almost get my chin to my heel! My splits are straight - but I think I still look slightly crooked when I do it - and I'm not quite ready for the last part - I'm definitely getting better at it. Love this one! 

Lia71's picture

This one I can't see? 

christina.azarian's picture

Now I can contort that way with my same arm as leg rotating, then extending then catching with the other hand. Not sure if that's helpful for the Eagle. It's been one of my goal moves since I started poling years ago

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