BACK : Back Arch - With Blocks (Contortion)

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Learn how to more deeply stretch your back with Felix in this video incorporating basic yoga blocks. As with all back stretches, be sure to watch and engage in counter stretching (search Back Safety / Counter Stretching) following all back arch training.

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monica94's picture

You're so sweet! I love your lessons. You can make that all poses and moves seem easier! 

You're the best pole dancer and my greatest inspiration EVER. I hope I could meet you some day!

Thank you for all the lessons. Keep dancing, keep smiling, keep beautiful! <3

Love, Monica.

Fatal Era's picture

I second that!!! <3  I love these contortion stretches. I was always into light contortion when I was younger - but the only part of my body that is really overstretched are my quads - and that Eagle contortion stretch where you start in a split - AMAZING!!! And I can only do about half of it (I'm calling them modified contortion stretches - so I can work my flexibility up to where it needs to be in order to complete the full stretch.) I can SO feel that in my quads!!! It's been a minute since I felt a stretch there! Thank you Felix for being so enthusiastic and helpful - and thank you for getting me back into contortion!! I always looked at contortion as a fun way to gross out my friends as a kid - but now I'm just amazed at what my body is capable of - and I'm doing things I was unable to do as a kid taking gymnastics!! Thank you for your wonderful instruction, guidance, and kindness!! I can't wait to try one of your workshops! I wonder how long I could last!!  ;-)


     - Megan

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