Laura O'Connell


Laura O'Connell was born and raised in North Carolina where she was an active child and teenager, participating in gymnastics, softball, soccer, and cheerleading. Laura later found that she had a natural gift for teaching. She began teaching children’s sports as well as recreation gymnastics throughout college.

Laura began her pole journey in 2010. She competed in several competitions but her heart and true talent is in teaching. Laura has been a pole fitness instructor for three years at TML…Turn Me Loose Fitness in Raleigh North Carolina which see’s close to 300 women a week of ALL ages, shapes and sizes.  Laura is extremely gifted with the ability to communicate the “how to’s” of breaking down the pole fundamentals and technique to her students.

In January of 2013 Laura trained with Caterina Gennero to become the very first certified Pole-Aria instructor in the world. Laura has been training students with this unique and amazing adaptation of pole. She enjoys the dynamics of the fabric as well as the physical challenge of applying it to pole moves. Her students love the addition of using the silks on the poles they challenge each other to try new as well as create new moves by applying pole poses and dance transitions to the silks.