Instructor Certification - FAQ

Q: What will this certification enable me to do?
This course will enable you to deliver a safe and structured pole dance class that includes a dynamic warm up, floor work, spins, transitions, footwork and pole moves/tricks. In addition, you will be able to add components of dance, flexibility, and strength training.  Further, we not only provide curriculum formats with actual curricula and safe learning progressions, but you will also learn how to develop your own learning progressions and curriculum.  The certificate will be recognized in the industry as you seek to gain employment at studios and it will signal to your students that you pursued the teaching credentials from the very best our industry has to offer.

Q: What are the course pre-requisites?
This program is perfect for beginners and the most seasoned pole athlete.  You need not know how to pole dance already, although some practical experience with pole dance/pole dance fitness is extremely helpful.  And, if you are already teaching pole, but wish to add to your credentials, then this program is perfect for you and has much to offer.  The primary pre-requisites are:  Great attitude, CPR certificate (can be in process or planned … we just need you to complete this prior to us issuing your certification) and a general/group fitness, personal training, or other equivalent (yoga, pilates, military fitness, etc.) credential.

Q: Do I have to be fit?
Pole dancing is for everyone. You do NOT have to have a particular level of fitness or experience.  However, while we do NOT require that you master every movement, testing will require that you are able to execute a baseline of foundational movements.  Most people have no trouble with the foundational movements we require, but if strength limitations are holding you back, you may submit video when you are able to meet the minimum thresholds.  Don’t worry!  This is hard work, but it is also fun and we are here to support and help you. We want you to SUCCEED!

Q: Do I have to know every move to pass this training?
This program focuses on TEACHING YOU HOW TO TEACH You do NOT have to personally be able to execute every move in this program to pass.  You will be asked to demonstrate key foundational movements and must be able to demonstrate those properly, but we do not expect you to personally be able to do all moves.  More importantly, you will be tested on your ability to explain, dissect, and correct movement.

Q:  Do Felix, Jenyne, and Anastasia do LIVE trainings?
One of the reasons we placed this program online is because of the great demand there is for Felix, Jenyne, and Anastasia's time and talent. Like each of us, they can only be in one place at one time.  And although their schedules keep them very busy, we do schedule them several times through the year to do LIVE trainings. Keep an eye out in the LIVE training area of this website and in our newsletters for dates to be added.  Our founder and chief editor and producer of this program, Collette Kakuk, does do live trainings, including overnight Thursday to Sunday training camps from her home studio, including providing accommodations. To schedule with Collette or any of our aritsts, email

Q: Your site says you are pending ACE and AAFA approval … what does this mean?
ACE and AAFA are independent fitness organizations that require their members to receive ongoing education to maintain their certifications. ACE and AAFA approval only matters if you already an ACE or AAFA certified fitness professional that needs continuing education credits (CECs) to keep your certification with them current. We are currently pending approval of our program to serve as continuing education for their members.

Q: Can I really learn this material on my own with the ONLINE training?
Yes! We always recommend a LIVE training with one of our experts or complementing your learning with other live training from qualified industry professionals, but that’s not always economically or logistically feasible.  Our materials are very detailed including both written manual and video tools. Plus, our testing is issued in both practical and written forms, including requiring you to submit videos to us at incremental levels, so we can be sure you are mastering learning principles as you go through our program.

Q: How is it possible that I learn this in only a few days with a LIVE training session?

Like any program of learning a new skill, mastery takes years. Our program teaches you a dependable system that shows you what to look for, how to explain movement, how to protect your students, and how to continue to add on new material to your repertoire.  Armed with a system, you will be able to provide a solid foundation to your students, upon which you can continually build and master new concepts.

Q: What material is covered on the tests?
The written portion consists of 85 questions made up of multiple choice, true/false and fill in the blank/short answer. You must answer 85% correct to pass this portion.

The practical portion consists of testing your knowledge of warm-up, your ability to teach specified movements with the correct technique, your ability to spot incorrect technique and give teaching corrections, your ability to instruct a short routine to music, and your ability to maintain a positive and engaged classroom environment.

Q: What do I need to bring to the LIVE training sessions?

We suggest you bring water, food/snacks. We will take one 30 minute lunch break and a few other short restroom/snack breaks throughout the day. Please bring comfortable clothing for various temperatures. We suggest yoga pants/leggings, long sleeve shirt or hoodie and shorts and a tank top or bra top to be worn underneath. We also suggest a yoga mat, as we will be working on the floor and sitting on the floor often.

Q: Is the course refundable or transferable?
We do not issue any refunds nor allow you to transfer your course materials or certification, so please make your purchase carefully.

Q: Are there discounts for purchasing one or more courses?
Yes, there is a discount for purchasing multiple levels together. Please see the REGISTER area for more information or email