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Curriculum Builder with Natasha Wang

For Studio Owners & Instructors!  

We asked hundreds of studio owners and instructors. Planning weekly curricula is important work, but answering the ever-recurring "What do I teach this week" question is all time consuming and exhausting.  Let and International Pole Dance Champion, Natasha Wang, help!

  • Thoughtful and creative curricula

  • New themes released each month with four weekly curricula

  • Delivered via online video tutorials and short printable e-books

  • Organized by level:  Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Natasha has interacted with thousands of pole professionals and enthusiasts as she has traveled the world teaching and learning.  Benefit from her vast experience and learn state of the art teaching and training methods, classroom creativity drills, new moves, new combos, dance, musicality, integration of emotive elements, technique-driven exercises, floor work, and more.  Some of our upcoming curricula include:

  • Technique & Transitions
  • Competition Prep
  • Stylize & Spin
  • Strength & Tricks
  • Creativity & Combos

Purchase a single curriculum for one month or a yearly subscription and receive a new curriculum at the end of each month. Each curriculum includes 4 videos and 4 short printable e-books to accompany the videos that cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

One Full Month of Curriculum (4 Curricula): $29.95

Single curriculums are viewable for 3 months after purchase.

Yearly Subscription (48 Curricula): $229.00

Yearly subscriptions are viewable for a year after purchase.


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NOTE: Curriculum Planner does NOT include access to video lessons by our elite team including Felix, Jenyne, Marlo, Oona and more.  General lesson membership is not required in order to purchase the Natasha Wang Curriculum Planner, however, curricula often specifically reference video content and membership is highly recommended. Membership to view the general platform of nearly 800 lessons (and growing!) is $29.95/month or $249/year.  We are confident you will find membership plus the Natasha Wang Curriculum Planner an indispensable resource as a studio owner or instructor.

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Get access to the Natasha Wang Curriculum Planner videos and e-book outlines now!

Once you purchase, you will have instant access to the Curriculum Planner.  A few notes:

1) The ebooks are located within each individual lesson itself under the description with a BLUE link called "Printable Class Guide"

2) Each month is organized as a comprehensive theme and cluster of four lessons, which allows you to join in at any time and also select and implement curricula with flexibility given your student base.