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Stay and Certify!

Our Pole Dance Instructor Certification program can be fully completed independently online. However, if you are looking for hands-on training to get certified as a Pole Dance Instructor, you are going to LOVE our Stay & Certify package!

Train with industry pioneer and Founder Collette Kakuk in this terrific program that allows you to fully immerse in our Pole Certification Program with hands-on training by Collette and stay with room and light snacks/meals at a terrific value.

What our package includes:

  • 16 hours of direct, face-to-face training with Collette over 2.5 days (typically 2 sessions per day). Training is balanced between manual review (non-physical) and actual physical time on the pole.  
  • Instant on-line access of the Pole Certification manual and all videos as soon as you purchase this program.
  • Up to 3 nights of comfortable guest room accommodations in Collette's personal home. 
  • Light snacks served throughout training period, generally turkey slices, bagels, fresh fruit, cheese, hard boiled eggs. Bottled water will be provided. Some special requests can be accommodated. You will be responsible for larger meals, which can be arranged via one complimentary trip to the grocery store or through take out/local restaurant services.
  • WiFi provided 
  • Open practice time and laptop or tablet logged into on a 12' high, 45mm spinning pole mounted on wood flooring with large mirrors for you to review form
  • Gift Pack: grip, tank top, other goodies
  • Testing (written and practical)
  • Framed certificate from Jenyne, Felix, Anastasia and upon satisfactory completion 

Training sessions may include up to 3 people total. You are responsible for transportation to/from airport.

Collette has a rich history in the pole and aerial industry, including:

  • More than 12 years experience specifically in pole dance, including 10 years of studio ownership and instruction
  • Producer and quality content director for all videos filmed by elite artists Jenyne, Felix, Anastasia, Marlo, Oona, Mai, Erika, Brandon
  • Co-Founder, Pole Fitness Association
  • Competition judge
  • Chief editor and writer of the comprehensive Pole Dance Fitness Certification manual
  • Multiple certifications and credentials in Pole Dance/Pole Dance Fitness
  • Masters in Business Administration

This program fully cover our Levels 1 - 4 Certification program. Simply select the desired dates you wish to come train from the selection below. If you have special needs or interests, please contact us at We are flexible and can make most dates/situations work.

General Schedule:

  • The dates provided are the actual training days. You should plan to arrive the evening BEFORE or by 9am of the first indicated day.
  • We will train and study a total of 16 hours, usually 4 hours in the morning, and 2-3 hours in the afternoon or evening the first two days, and then only a morning session the final day so you can book flights back out the 3rd listed day. You can plan to leave on the 3rd day by 1pm.
  • We will be in touch with you regarding your arrival time. If you have a flight, it is very useful for you to email your flight number and expected arrival time to
  • Preferred airports are SNA (John Wayne) which is about 25 minutes away, Long Beach, which is about 40 minutes away, or LAX, which is very busy but often great fares about 50 minutes away. You are responsible for all transportation to and from airport/training.

What to bring:

  • Pens/highlighters
  • One copy of the printed manual (we will provide link or can be purchased separately for $99 printing fee)
  • Yoga Pants, Sweatshirt
  • Pole shorts, athletic bra tops and/or tank to
  • Knee Pads (also available for purchase at training)
  • Grip (will be provided, but if you have particular needs, please bring)
  • Stilettos (optional)


Collette has one of the keenest eyes in pole dance and a great ability to explain things. She keeps it MOVING. You won't believe how much you get done! - Jenyne

I have known Collette over 10 years. My best example of her knowledge is every time we would tape video and she would call me down because it wasn't perfect, I would review the film and see she was RIGHT lol. She is kind and fun-loving ... even though she will tire you out!  - Felix

I wanted to work with Collette because of her positive and inspiring spirit. She also has an amazing eye for detail. We learned pole dance half a world apart, but speak the same language. You will learn so much!  - Anastasia

More Testimonials:

Collette so knows her stuff! I love that her teaching and this program aren't just focused on you learning pole moves - but rather a system that actually teaches you HOW to teach. 

This program is amazing! Collette structures it all in a way that makes perfect sense. I didn't have a lot of confidence in myself and she just made me feel like I could conquer the world.

This certification program trained my mind to be able to construct and deconstruct nearly every move ... even new moves ... in a way that they are safe and technically correct and beautiful. Brilliant program!

I trained with Collette while she was PREGNANT ... and it was amazing what she conveyed and the understanding she gave me sheerly from video review, manual review and me understanding my own body in relation to the pole. She made me feel SO CONFIDENT that I don't have to physically be able to do the most advanced tricks in order to know my stuff and be able to teach them.  I'm an older student and want my younger ones to pass me ... and this was so eye-opening. Her teaching system and knowledge are AMAZING!

Hostess with the mostest. Collette has been iconic in this industry for so many years as a role model of positivity. You are going to feel so warm and welcomed - and man is she knowledgeable.  I booked an extra Business Builder session with her after I got home over the phone and that was immensely helpful to my studio. Money well spent.

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