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iTac2 Dance Pole Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth

iTac2 Dance Pole Cleaner with Bonus Pink Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. The first product specifically designed to keep your pole clean. Natural product made with FDA approved hydrocarbon and lemon myrtle essential oils

Why is iTac2 Pole Cleaner Better? • Works quicker and better than any other product, saving you time and money• Kills all bacteria & removes fatty acids – unlike alcohol • Green product that actually smells nice – no nasty chemicals to deal with • High quality Pink 12" x 12" microfiber cloth included with every purchase!

iTac Pole Cleaner 250ml (8.5oz) Spray Bottle

How to apply: Spray microfiber cloth once or twice and then wipe pole. Turn cloth over and dry. For stubborn areas spray directly on pole and wait 20 seconds before wiping.